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The Richness of Tofu at Seoul Hot Pot

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Tofu at our Bellevue Korean Restaurant One of Bellevue’s premier Korean restaurants, the Seoul Hot Pot, serves healthy tofu in their menu that patrons just love. Its popularity is not just based on its ability to absorb flavors but also in the richness of its health benefits. The health-conscious – vegetarians, vegans, and those who […]

Is Rice Wine a Wine or a Beer?

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Have you ever wondered about Asian rice wines, like Japanese sake or the Korean soju? It’s easy to think of such drinks as wines, as that’s how we commonly refer to them, but their true nature is a bit more difficult to pin down. Indeed, nobody can really say whether such liquors are truly a […]

Korean Hangover Remedies

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If you’ve ever spent any time in Korea, you’ve probably learned that the country has a prodigious appetite for social drinking. Foreigners who aren’t careful can easily drink more than they are generally used to, and end up with a painful hangover the next day. Fortunately, the Koreans have a number of remedies for such […]

Promoting Korean Food with Kimchi

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Kimchi is a very important dish to Korea, considered by many to be a quintessential symbol of the country. Therefore, when Korean chefs work to promote their cuisine throughout the world, one of their biggest priorities is to popularize this ancient favorite. This is a goal that Koreans have been working towards since 1988, when […]

Eating Korean Food on a Low-Sodium Diet

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Though the Korean diet is largely one of the world’s healthiest, there is one field in which South Korea does not look so good. Specifically, the sodium intake of the average Korean is among the highest on Earth. So, if you are trying to practice a low-sodium diet, can you still enjoy the great taste […]

The Year of the Monkey

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February 8th of this year is the Lunar New Year, according to the traditional Chinese calendar. As such, many Koreans throughout the world will be celebrating the arrival of the Year of the Monkey. People born under the influence of the monkey are known to possess many of the qualities that monkeys are known to […]

Christmas in South Korea

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South Korea has a larger Christian population than other countries throughout Asia, with Christians making up as much as 30% of Koreans. Therefore, Christmas is a more important day than it is in Japan or China. The country recognizes it as a national holiday, giving workers a day off. It is common to see lavish […]

Giving Thanks in Korean

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November is here again, which means that people throughout the United States are looking forward to Thanksgiving. This is a time for gathering around the table with friends and family to give thanks, be it in the form of a shared prayer, a toast, or simply sharing what you are most thankful for. If you […]