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Korea’s Squid Mask of Marriage

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Every culture has its more curious idiosyncrasies, and South Korea is no exception. Of particular note is an old, traditional courtship ritual. Known as the Haam ceremony, it is one of the world’s most delightfully quirky methods of proposing marriage. In preparation for this ceremony, the hopeful groom and a party made up of his […]

The Hearty Taste of Kimchi Soup

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Eating kimchi is one of the better favors you can do for your body. It is also a favorite pastime for the majority of Koreans, who can barely go a single day without it. However, most Westerners need to acquire the taste before they can fully enjoy its benefits. If you are one of the […]

Beat the Heat with Makguksu

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When the summer months start oppressing you, consider beating the heat with a bowl of makguksu. Similar to the more well-known naengmyeon, this is a traditional Korean noodle dish that is served cold. A local specialty of Chuncheon, the capital of the Korean province of Gangwon, makguksu is a popular choice among Koreans throughout the […]

The Many Benefits of Seaweed

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Many people in the United States are put off by the word “seaweed”. However, this valuable vegetable has been a big part of the dining traditions of many cultures since ancient times. Korean diners have come up with many ways to enjoy the seaweed native to their waters, including the simple seaweed salad you can […]

The Symbolism of Bi Bim Rice

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Bi bim rice, commonly known in Korea as bibimbap, is more than just a great meal. Traditionally, you can expect such dishes to be prepared with a sense of balance that is both pleasing to the eye aesthetically and rich in symbolism. When done properly, bi bim rice will make use of all five of […]

Jeotgal: Korea’s Fermented Seafood

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An important part of Korean cuisine is jeotgal, which comes in the form of several different varieties of fermented seafood-based condiments. They are made by mixing seafood with salt and other condiments and allowing the mixture to ferment in a cool place. Common seafood used for these purposes include anchovies, oysters, and clams. The most […]

Where Did Tonkatsu Come From?

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Seoul Hot Pot offers a classic tonkatsu meal in the form of our tonkatsu combo box. Observing this, some people may wonder, “What is a Japanese dish doing on the menu of a Bellevue Korean restaurant?” In truth, this breaded pork cutlet is a popular favorite throughout Korea. Though the first tonkatsu was created in […]

Valentine’s Day and White Day

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South Korea celebrates Valentine’s Day in much the same way that we do in the United States, except that it’s the women and girls who will often buy gifts of chocolate for the men that they are interested in. This may seem one-sided, but the women get their dues exactly one month later. It is […]

2015: The Year of the Ram

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Now that 2015 is well under way, South Korea, along with much of the rest of the Asian continent, is looking forward to the traditional Chinese lunar new year celebration. This year marks the return of the Year of the Ram, which is said to be a time of peace and harmony. During this year, […]

New Year Celebrations in Korea

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Though Korea has been marking the New Year according to the Chinese lunar calendar for thousands of years, many modern Koreans have also taken to celebrating on the beginning of the solar calendar as well. In either case, this is an important family holiday throughout South Korea. Most people will return to their family homes […]