Eating Korean Food on a Low-Sodium Diet

Though the Korean diet is largely one of the world’s healthiest, there is one field in which South Korea does not look so good. Specifically, the sodium intake of the average Korean is among the highest on Earth. So, if you are trying to practice a low-sodium diet, can you still enjoy the great taste of Korean food? Try following these simple tips the next time you dine at our Bellevue Korean restaurant:

  • The prodigious amounts of sodium in the Korean diet can be attributed in a large part to their heavy consumption of kimchi. If you’re watching your sodium, try enjoying this old Korean favorite in moderation.
  • Go easy on the soy sauce. This sauce comes with a fair dose of sodium. However, it’s worth noting that a small amount of soy sauce can have the same flavoring powers of a larger amount of salt, which makes it a healthier seasoning alternative when used sparingly.
  • When trying to reduce your sodium levels, potassium is your friend. Seek out dishes with high-potassium foods, like fish, potato, and soy. Red meat and many green vegetables also represent decent sources of potassium.

Talk to your server if you have any other health concerns we should know about.