Korean Hangover Remedies

If you’ve ever spent any time in Korea, you’ve probably learned that the country has a prodigious appetite for social drinking. Foreigners who aren’t careful can easily drink more than they are generally used to, and end up with a painful hangover the next day. Fortunately, the Koreans have a number of remedies for such an ailment.

Haejang guk, or “hangover soup”, can come in a number of different forms. The most common varieties are pork bone and ox blood soup and dried pollack soup. Some people will opt for a kimchi soup instead. In whatever form it takes, it is a soup that boasts strong restorative powers; it gives you a strong dose of the vitamins and minerals you may have lost. Many of these soups are made with bean sprouts, which contain the same asparagine that serves at the main ingredient for over-the-counter hangover medicines.

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