Amazing Benefits of the Non-Fried Squid

Going Both Ways: Healthy or Unhealthy Squid

The dilemma for many people who enjoy fried squid is the high cholesterol content of this dish. Squid is part of the same family as oysters, scallops, and octopus. Often served fried, as calamari, and the total fat content tends to be very high due to the oil used in the frying process. Served alone, though, squid can be quite healthful due to its low amounts of saturated fat. The meat of squid is pale, translucent white color; it’s chewy and has an umami taste.

Does squid have any health benefits?

Actually, served alone, squid can be quite healthful due to its low amounts of saturated fat. Here are some nutritional benefits of squid, especially the non-fried squid.

Squid is high in protein, minerals and low in calories. It’s great for those who want to step up their protein intake without compromising on their calorific goals. 100gm serving of squid only has 75 to 85kcl of calories. It goes higher if deep fried.

Squid has no carbs. Those who fear carbs and those on a keto diet can include squid in their diet because it has no carbohydrates.

Squid is a good source of vitamin B12 and B6 which the body needs for neural health and blood health and vitamin B6 for heart protection from strokes.

Squid has Selenium and Vitamin E. Selenium, which is present in a minute quantity in the body, works with vitamin E in the promotion of normal body growth and fertility. As an antioxidant it is believed to play a role in the fight against cancer and can help to inhibit the growth of tumours.

On the other hand, squid has high amounts of dietary cholesterol but is very low in fat, and the cholesterol is poorly absorbed from it. Several studies have shown that eating shellfish tends to lower, not raise, blood cholesterol levels.

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