Authentic Korean Teas

As the days cools down, you may find yourself craving a hot cup of authentic Korean tea from our Bellevue Korean restaurant. Originally Koreans defined “tea” as an infusion of the Camellia sinensis plant, although today’s definition has come to include numerous other sources. By combining leaves, roots, grains, and fruits, Korean tea has become far more diverse in its taste and content.

Traditional teas in Korea are considered to have medicinal qualities, and with each new season, a different tea is selected for its health benefits. For example, jindallae-hwachae, or azalea blossom tea, is a spring tea said to lower blood pressure. Autumn’s tea—omija-hwachae—comes from the Chinese magnolia vine and is rich in organic acids.

Engage in the ancient tradition of Korean tea at Seoul Hot Pot in Bellevue!

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