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The Korean Diet


Are you trying to lose weight and eat healthier? Allow our Korean restaurant in Bellevue help you. We offer numerous healthy suggestions and alternatives, although Korean food is generally less fattening than other cuisines. Korea’s obesity rate is astoundingly just one-tenth of America’s, which reached nearly 35 percent in 2009. Although other variables such as […]

Regional Kimchi


Regional recipes are part of what make our Korean restaurant in Bellevue stand out. Kimchi is especially diverse in that different regions of Korea have their own rendition of this national staple. Over 100 types of kimchi have been documented, and its multiplicity is attributed to local and family recipes. The differences in kimchi can […]

Traditional Korean Bap


Try a Korean bap dish at our Bellevue Korean restaurant, where classics are given a unique touch. Bap–meaning “grain” in Korean–are dishes made from rice, barley, and beans. Some popular bap plates include bibimbap, bokkeumbap, and gimbap. These are characterised by their rice base and typically incorporate vegetables and meat also. Depending on the type […]

Korean Soups and Stews


Our Bellevue Korean restaurant’s soups and stews are popular year round, but with colder seasons approaching, now is a perfect time to try one of these Korean classics. The names of Korean soups typically end with –guk or –t’ang, and for stews, –jjigae or –jim. Seafood, meat, and veggies are common ingredients, although other types, […]

Kimchi, a National Staple


When you visit our Bellevue Korean Restaurant, you’ll likely first recognize the spiced vegetable dish as the world-renowned kimchi, a national favorite made from fermented radishes. Since its ancient beginnings, kimchi has taken on many variations, but it’s commonly made with seasonings such as garlic, salt, brine, scallions, shrimp and fish sauce, and radish. Though […]