Garlic in Korean Food

Korea loves its powerful flavors, and a big player in the flavor field is garlic. This is why garlic appears on so many of the dishes at the Seoul Hot Pot Korean Restaurant in Bellevue. It gives a little extra kick to the soups and stews, a little extra taste to the kimchi, and, most importantly, it gives your body that little extra boost it needs to stay happy and healthy long after your meal is gone.

Indeed, garlic is a highly beneficial substance. Though it may not boast all the properties that it was believed to have in ancient times, scientific evidence has shown that it can help lower cholesterol, manage blood pressure, and act as a powerful antioxidant. On top of this, garlic can also serve as a natural, broad-spectrum antibiotic, and one that doesn’t appear to allow bacteria to evolve resistance against it. This means that garlic can continue to defend your body against harmful microbes, even when pharmaceutical agents begin to fail!

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