Korean Herbs & Cooking Traditions: Way to a Balanced Life

Herbs for Balance and Long Life

Wellness is a passion in South Korea, we all know how this East Asian people are just as obsessed with skin care as they are with their diet. Healthcare is very progressive in South Korea. Koreans integrate western and eastern practices and adhere to natural ways to really heal their bodies before taking synthetic medicine. It’s all about Chi, also known as balance. It’s ingrained in the Korean culture and observed in the way they eat, manage stress, live.

South Koreans have some chi-enhancing practices, primarily with food and herbs. There are so many beneficial herb blends that are formulated to help aid digestion, manage stress, and lower inflammation. Some of these are: ginger, which is good for digestion; ginseng, which boosts energy and harmonizes the blood; licorice root, a powerful digestive aid; and puerariae that is linked to lowering inflammation.

Through cooking, drinking teas, or taking supplements, you can introduce inflammation-fighting herbs into your diet and start getting a more balanced life. Other popular herbs in Korea to try are dried clementine, atractylodis, and cinnamon – all of which are linked to promoting good digestion, immunity, and chi.

Unlike in the US, where people take probiotics as a daily health habit, in Korea, people are already getting their probiotics in their food. Some Korean food authors say that the way Koreans eat is really the key to why they are predicted to be the longest living people by 2030. A wide array of side dishes, called banchan, accompany every meal. It’s this way of balanced eating that makes for balanced digestion. Eating foods that promote good gut health is ingrained in the culture. For example, kimchi is not a fad, it’s something Koreans eat every day.

Majority of banchan are plant-based, and many of them are fermented. They’re as simple as bean sprouts seasoned with sesame oil, scallions, and garlic, a bowl of pickled radishes, seaweed, or spicy cabbage. At every meal, veggies are central. When Koreans make their veggies, they mix them with spices loaded with antioxidants and digestive benefits such as garlic, ginger, and sesame. The end result is benefits on top of benefits.

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