The Hearty Taste of Kimchi Soup

Eating kimchi is one of the better favors you can do for your body. It is also a favorite pastime for the majority of Koreans, who can barely go a single day without it. However, most Westerners need to acquire the taste before they can fully enjoy its benefits. If you are one of the people who want to make kimchi a bigger part of your diet, but are not yet accustomed to its taste, consider a bowl of kimchi soup.

Kimchi soups, known commonly to the Koreans as kimchi jjigae, are hot dishes commonly eaten throughout Korea. They use kimchi as a main ingredient, often with tofu, seafood, meat, or an assortment of vegetables. Such soups are well-received among foreigners, representing a great choice for introducing yourself to kimchi. Kimchi used in these soups are selected from particularly ripe batches, which lends them a heartier taste that many people love.

At our Bellevue Korean restaurant, you can try kimchi soup with beef, pork, or by itself. Try a few bowls of this old favorite, and you should be ready to eat raw kimchi in no time!