The Richness of Tofu at Seoul Hot Pot

Tofu at our Bellevue Korean Restaurant

One of Bellevue’s premier Korean restaurants, the Seoul Hot Pot, serves healthy tofu in their menu that patrons just love. Its popularity is not just based on its ability to absorb flavors but also in the richness of its health benefits. The health-conscious – vegetarians, vegans, and those who favor plant-based diets – are fanciers of tofu. It is remarkably resilient and can stand boiling, steaming, broiling or frying without loss of texture and soybean taste. Seoul Hot Pot prepares tofu as you like it.

Many tables here get the soft tofu soup, filled with bits of tofu in steaming broth with a choice of the favorites added in – like pork barbecue, seafood, mushroom, or bulgogi. Have it spicy hot or have it just right, the dish is flavorful and filling.

Tofu Indulgence is a Healthy Habit

Tofu has been widely studied as beneficial in lowering the risks of many lifestyle-related problems. This food ingredient can lower bad cholesterol levels especially in those who have heart disease and high blood pressure, lessen the loss of proteins in diabetics, decrease bone loss in osteoporosis cases, and because of its soy content, tofu acts as an anti-oxidant that makes it ideal in reducing recurrences of certain cancers. For disease prevention and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the tofu has indeed come a long way.

When you visit Bellevue, drop by this Korean restaurant and have a dish indulgence with tofu.