The Wonders of Kimchi

You can’t have a Korean restaurant without kimchi, and our Bellevue Korean restaurant has it in spades!

Kimchi comes in many forms, though the spicy fermented cabbage is the most common. It’s eaten as a side dish by itself, it’s boiled into soups, baked into pancakes, and even used as a topping for some pizzas. Regardless of what form it takes, it’s a dish that Korea simply cannot live without. The average Korean consumes forty pounds of kimchi a year, which may account for the famous health of the country.

Indeed, kimchi is remarkably healthy. It’s been winning more and more attention in the West ever since it was deemed to be among the top five healthiest foods in the world. The dish boasts a list of health benefits that includes improving digestion, preventing cancer, and even curing chickens of avian flu.

Come on by Seoul Hot Pot and get to know the amazing health secret that Korea has known about for centuries!

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