Seoul Hot Pot – About Us

Welcome to Seoul Hot Pot, home of the best Korean food on the Eastside. Our team brings authentic cuisine from Seoul, Korea to Redmond for you to experience firsthand. With esteemed recipes and quality ingredients, we strive to create the best classic dishes like soondubu and bi bim bap. Our original dishes have even been praised by The Stranger who dubs Seoul Hot Pot one of the four best Asian restaurants on the Eastside.

At Seoul Hot Pot, we pay attention to the small details that comprise your overall experience of traditional Korean dining. We hope to impress you with each dish we bring you, whether its an elaborate entrée or a simple cup of tea. Our experienced and knowledgeable team would be happy to point out our favorite recipes and answer any questions regarding our menu.

Don’t let your diet keep you from experiencing one of the richest and most flavorful cuisines out there. Korean food has about 13 percent less fat that most American and European foods, so it’s a healthier choice no matter which plate you order. Our variety of ingredients and entrées accommodates nearly every diet, and vegetarians have numerous options to choose from as well.

What makes Korean cuisine a healthier choice? The answer lies in our ingredients which are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Instead of frying in fattening oils, Korean foods are cooked and fermented in their own natural juices. The ingredients themselves are healthier as many dishes are made with vegetables and protein-filled meats and tofu. Many of our recipes are proven to promote cardiovascular and digestive health, along with benefits for your skin, bones, and organs.

Come see us at Seoul Hot Pot in Redmond for an authentic, affordable, and healthy dining experience that you’ll be eager to repeat!