Nutritionists Say: Kimchi Is Good For Your Health

Health Benefits Galore from Kimchi

This traditional Korean dish offers many health benefits not just for your gut, but your other body systems as well. So say and many nutritionists agree.

Kimchi is good for your digestive tract. It is rich in beneficial probiotics, just like other fermented veggies and foods. These healthy bacteria have been linked with many health benefits, all of which start in the digestive tract.

Kimchi might boost your immune health. It’s true because the majority of immune function takes place in the gut. When your gut is in good shape, your immune system is better able to function optimally.

Kimchi may help lower your cholesterol. Studies show those who eat kimchi regularly tend to have lower levels of “bad” cholesterol. It is still not clear which ingredient in kimchi is responsible, however, cabbage, hot red peppers, garlic, leeks, ginger, and lactic acid bacteria that are in kimchi offer potential health benefits in their own rights.

Kimchi can improve your heart health. It can elevate the levels of antioxidants in your system. Antioxidants help stabilize damaged cells that can accelerate the disease process, so having a high antioxidant status can protect you from chronic conditions, like heart disease.

Kimchi may help with inflammation. It can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the gut by way of the presence of probiotics. According to an animal study, a specific strain of probiotic found in kimchi reduced several inflammatory markers in the gut.

Kimchi can support brain health. This is an indirect result of a healthy gut: a better-functioning brain. If your digestive system is healthy, your enteric nervous system in the gut communicates better with the brain. For better gut-brain connection, a healthy gut is a must.

Kimchi helps you watch your weight. It is a delicious, low-calorie option for those who want to lose weight. You would rather opt for healthier portion sizes when you add kimchi to your meals, rather than overeating bland and boring foods.


Eating Kimchi is Eating Healthy in Bellevue

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