Christmas in South Korea

South Korea has a larger Christian population than other countries throughout Asia, with Christians making up as much as 30% of Koreans. Therefore, Christmas is a more important day than it is in Japan or China. The country recognizes it as a national holiday, giving workers a day off. It is common to see lavish lighting displays in department stores and public places, very much like what you can expect to see in the United States.

Gift-giving remains a popular tradition as well. Money has been a popular present for a long time, though it has become increasingly more common to give more thoughtful gifts. Santa Claus is known to make an appearance for children, who know him as “Santa Haraboji”, or Grandfather Santa.

Families will commonly gather together for Christmas dinner, which generally features popular Korean dishes like japchae, deok soup, bulgogi, and a whole lot of kimchi. You, too, can enjoy these classic favorites at our Bellevue Korean restaurant. Consider making us part of your holiday traditions this year!