Soju: The Favorite Liquor of Korea

Looking for a good liquor to go with your meal at our Bellevue Korean restaurant? Try popping open a bottle of soju! The Korean equivalent of Japanese sake, this wine is far and away the most popular of Korea’s alcoholic beverages, as well as one of the more popular drinks ordered in Asian restaurants across the globe.

Soju is a clear, distilled drink of between forty and eighty proof made from fermented grains. Rice is the most common component of the drink, though wheat, barley, tapioca, and even sweet potatoes have been known to be used instead. Its taste is smooth and neutral, offering itself nicely to complement the powerful tastes of Korean food or to clean the palate between courses. It’s a good choice for fans of vodka, as many report that the taste of soju reminds them of the Russian liquor. Try a bottle for yourself to experience the favorite drink of Korea!

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