Japchae: Korea’s Amazing Transparent Pasta!

If you’re a fan of exotic noodle dishes, then you’ll want to visit our Bellevue Korean restaurant to try out the singular pasta experience that is japchae. This dish, popular as an entree, side, or even a snack throughout Korea, is a stir-fried blend of vegetables, strips of beef, and the famous “glass noodles” that make the dish so distinct. It only takes one glance to know where this name comes from: when cooked, the glass noodles take on a transparency as clear as a thread of crystal.

What makes japchae stand out among more common pastas is that the noodles are not made from grain flours. Glass noodles are made out of sweet potato starches, which give them not only their transparency but also the slick, rubbery taste that many people find so pleasing. This dish has been taking off with noodle lovers around the globe, so come and see what all the fuss is about at Seoul Hot Pot today!

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